Take Complete Care of your Driving Needs

At Boland Isuzu we believe in providing our clients with all the tools they need for the most comprehensive and hassle free driving experience.

For this reason, we have devised an exclusive range of value added products for our entire Isuzu range. You shouldn’t have to worry about the what if’s. With our range of value added products, you can rest assured that your new vehicle or fleet is comprehensively covered for mechanical warranty, tracking, credit protection and so much more.

We’ll take complete care of all your driving and fleet needs, so that you can take care of adventure.

What we have to offer

We’re here to take complete care of all your driving needs. Our range of exclusive value added products are designed to give you peace of mind. These include:

Wireless Vehicle Tracking

Wireless tracking device installed by experts at dealership before delivery. Pay cash upfront or add to vehicle finance loan. 36 month contract options gives peace of mind depending on your circumstances. Benefit from lower insurance premiums.

Comprehensive Insurance

Compare comprehensive insurance premiums from approved providers and save yourself the inconvenience of multiple calls from internet based quote platforms.

Credit Shortfall

Credit shortfall cover covers balance due to bank if your vehicle is totally written off or stolen. Especially if finance structured without deposit and a balloon payment. Protect yourself with this inexpensive product.

Credit Protection Cover

Credit protection cover available depending on your needs. Settles your vehicle finance debt in event of your death or assists with payments if you are disabled. Or retrenched.

Interior & Exterior Protection

Protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle. So convenient. A mobile unit will repair damage at your home or office – wherever suits you.  Claim for tar mark removal, minor scratches and dents, repair torn upholstery, interior cigarette smoke discolouration and more.

Convenient way to keep your vehicle looking good as new.

Mechanical Breakdown Warranty

Mechanical breakdown warranties provide a cost effective way to protect your budget from mechanical or electrical component failure. Plans, premiums and benefits to suit your vehicle.

Service & Maintenance Plans

Service plans cover the cost of vehicle services in accordance with manufacturer warranty requirements. Avoid increases in labour and component costs by paying upfront and gaining security of pre-paid services.

Warranty GAP Cover

Warranty Gap cover works like medical aid gap cover. It tops up underlying warranty claims for items not normally covered such as brake pads.

Safety Film

Safety film protects driver and passengers. Fitted by experts prior to delivery you have protection from Day 1.

All products and services underwritten by reputable service providers.   Insurance products are regulated by the FAIS Act. Terms and Conditions apply.

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