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Port Elizabeth – Isuzu continues to hold the number one position for seven consecutive years in the medium commercial truck segment of the South African market and retained its leadership position for six years in a row in the heavy commercial market. According to Craig Uren, Sales Service and Marketing Executive, Isuzu offers the widest range of truck models in these market segments and is the leading brand for chassis cab trucks and for the application of a cargo bodies suited to the payload and task. Uren said the success in these two segments can further be attributed to the option of Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) on selected medium and heavy commercial trucks which allow drivers to get the most out of their vehicles under any operating conditions. “Automatic selection of gears and no clutch gear shifts can contribute directly to more economical operation of the trucks while increasing safety by preventing missed gear changes,” [...]

Although buying a secondhand car can be daunting, it needn’t be, as there are more tools and legal protections available now days than ever before.

Here are 5 top tips from:

  1. Consider purchasing your used car through a legitimate bank registered car dealership as this will help in securing your purchase and should come with a standard dealer warranty.
  2. Do as much research about the category of vehicle you need for your required purposes.
  3. Consider the diesel vs petrol debate and see how this would affect the way in which you would use your automobile.
  4. Choosing the correct car manufacturer seems to be increasingly more important these days as maintenance and repair costs play a huge part in the resale value of your car.
  5. Service history must be sound, and any accident damage must be declared and explained.

The leading cause of injury-related death in children ages 14 and younger right now is car crashes. Children who don’t have seatbelts on and aren’t in the required car seats are more likely to be injured, suffer severe injuries and die in car crashes. When child safety seats and seatbelts are used in the way they should, children can be saved, and injuries can be prevented.

Here are some simple safety tips that can help save lives:

Always strap in. Regardless of how short the trip is.

Make sure all children under 12 years-old are strapped up in a back seat – This is generally the safest place for a child to ride. Airbags can assist in saving lives, but children riding in the front seat can be injured and killed in an airbag is deployed, even with advanced airbags or no airbags, the backseat is the safest.

Never put a rear-facing child seat in [...]

Taking a road trip on South Africa’s roads will usually always have some gravel road somewhere in the journey, and not everyone is confident to take their vehicles on these roads. Many licensed drivers have never driven on gravel roads and unprepared for the challenges that come with it.

But things aren’t as tricky as you think they might be, and if your vehicle is equipped for gravel roads, it just takes some care and adjusting driving behaviour when moving from tarred roads to gravel roads.

Speed Control

Driving with a high speed and doing quick manoeuvres on a gravel road is a recipe for disaster, no matter how maintained the gravel roads are. Most gravel roads have sections of loose gravel and require slower speeds. Something as simple as reducing your speed can prevent accidents.

In some areas the gravel may be loose and in others it could be hard-packed, and your vehicle will [...]

It goes without saying that South Africa produces some of the top technicians in the world. Out of 24 participating countries in the Light Commercial Vehicle Division of the 2018 Isuzu World Technical Competition, also dubbed as the I-1 Grand Prix, held in Thailand, South Africa proudly placed third!

Izak Stefanus (Stefan) de Wet, from Technical Support & Field Services at Isuzu Motors South Africa, Petrus Venter from Williams Hunt Roodepoort in Gauteng, and Johannes van Heerden from Westvaal Mashishing in Mpumalanga represented the South African team at the 13th edition of the competition.

Following a string of several mechanical tasks, technical testing, and problem solving on Isuzu bakkies, the host country, Thailand, placed first, and Russia came in second.

Dominic Rimmer, Isuzu Motors South Africa Executive Technical Services, informed that the participants were selected based on previous superb performances in technical competitions that were held locally. Rimmer also added that [...]


Arriving at Gerotek test facilities, I immediately knew I would be in for a full-on testosterone- filled morning. My nerves went into a frazzled state after seeing the daunting ramps, with some at 50 degree inclines up a mountain. I must admit, a big part of me considered chickening out, turning my Suzuki around and heading home – forgetting all about my dreams of becoming a renegade adventurer and staying in my happy comfort bubble.

I decided to soldier on – it was an adventure after all – at a place where tanks and other military vehicles were once tested. I would actually be driving something very close to a tank. Compared to my Suzuki, the Isuzus we would be driving definitely felt tank size. There were about 40 people waiting, ready to take on the 4×4 course, mostly men who [...]

Isuzu have recently launched independently under Isuzu Motors South Africa, following General Motors withdrawing from the local market and selling General Motors light vehicle plant in Port Elizabeth to Isuzu Motors South Africa.

The KB range of bakkies, including the upcoming SUV MU-X will still be built and manufactured in Struandale; and the trucks division including the N, F, and FX Series models will move from the current location in Kempston Road to the same as the Struandale plant.

The consolidation process could take at least a year, and unfortunately at the time of going to live, Isuzu could not confirm a time frame of how long the move could possibly take.

The Struandale facility is currently the only commercial/light commercial factory that fully functions under the ownership of Isuzu Japan, despite operating 47 manufacturing outside Japan as part of joint ventures. All Isuzu vehicles produced and built in Port Elizabeth [...]

Buying a new car is an exciting time in any person’s life especially if your dream car comes in your favourite colour. The colour of the car is not going to make a difference (especially on your pocket if it gets scratched) – and plus, if the car is red instead of blue, you won’t get to your destination any faster than if the car was white.

So what are the few things to think about when choosing the colour of your car? Check out the quick list below!



Cars with lighter colouring requires minimum washing, polishing and don’t fade as quickly. However, water droplets, dust and mud can be seen very easily on a lighter colour car.



Lighter colour cars stand out when driving on the dark tar roads, [...]

South Africa is known for its adventurous landscape which everyone dreams of driving on.


Daunting hills and vast landscapes are a magnet for people looking for adventure and wanting to put their 4X4 vehicles to the ultimate test. However there are a few things that every off-roader should own to ensure that their trip is both safe and exciting.


  • Canopy: 4X4 vehicles generally do come with canopies but, it is very important that your vehicle’s canopy is fitted correctly to the vehicle and that its maximum potential can be shown.


  • Roof Rack: Roof racks are the more obvious option to have and are very useful for weekends away or [...]

What do former Springbok Rugby Captain John Smit, the first test tube baby, the Walkman and the movie Grease have in common? They were all introduced to the world in the same year that the first Isuzu bakkie went into local production in South Africa.

1978 was a significant year for one of the firm favourites on South African roads – whether its hauling sheep in the Karoo, or zipping between the Gauteng skyscrapers, the Isuzu bakkie has been synonymous with the South African way of life for four decades.

The first Isuzu bakkie, carrying the Isuzu badge, was built at the Kempston Road plant in Port Elizabeth 40 years ago. Today, boasting three body styles and an extensive model line-up, Isuzu bakkies continue to be a leading contender in the market place – tried and tested to be a true legend to live the Isuzu Motors South Africa company strapline ‘With you, for the [...]

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